2019 Panel of Experts

I’ve gathered a group of experts to address all areas of happiness and human potential from exercise and nutrition to herbs and hormones to spirituality, ego and addiction. My experts are authors, researchers, teachers, coaches, doctors, chefs, entrepreneurs, professors and more. They’re people—just like you and me—who have discovered ways to uplevel their own lives and want to help others do the same.
I am pleased to introduce you to our panel!

Dr. Al Danenberg

Andrea Wool

Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Garrett

Ann Louise Gittleman

Ariane Poole

Bridgit Danner

Cali Estes, Ph.D.

Carrie Dickie

Christie Miller

Debra Atkinson

Elaine Ambrose

Ellen Kamhi, Ph.D.

Dr. Friedemann Schaub

Kelly Timmerman

Kira Gould

Kiran Ram

Maria Claps

Marianne Williamson

Dr. Nauman Naeem

Phaedra Antioco

Robin Rinaldi

Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen

Susan Bratton

Teresa Rodden

Tom Paladino